BulletRage: 1-4 Players Twin-Stick Arcade Shooter

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The Story: Aliens have conquered the human race, and now they’ve put us on trial in a twisted death game show broadcasted live throughout the galaxy. It’s up to you to use oversized weaponry and insane power-ups to ensure our continued existence. Are you up for the challenge?

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Millions of Weapons

Collect weapon cores to customize millions of different overpowered weapon combinations. The best of arcade and roguelikes combined into one fun weapon sandboxing socket system.

Pure Arcade Madness

Tons of power-ups, crazy epic battles, deadly traps, environmental destruction, cross-platform leaderboards and speedrunning.

1-4 Players Online or Local

Play with up to 4 players in Co-op or PvP modes such as FFA, Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill. Equip yourself with overpowered gear to crush your enemies.

Game Features

Use the Weapon socket system to create millions of different weapon combinations, then tear through over 40 levels of relentless traps and enemies to win humanity’s survival. Fight through the story campaign with friends, or battle others online in various PvP modes.

Millions of Arcade Weapon Combinations

Using the BulletRage Weapon Socket System, players will be able to gather parts to create your ideal overpowered arcade weapon.

4 Players Online and Couch Multiplayer Co-op

Up to 4 players can join in on local or online multiplayer co-op, fight together in single levels or complete the entire story campaign together as a team.

Twitch and MixPlay Interactive Audience Mode

Stream viewers will be able to play the role of evil audience, summoning enemies, throwing items, and even altering the level itself.

Dozens of exciting arcade power-ups and unique enemies

Filled to the brim with interesting arcade items to increase the frenzy of the action, making it a different experience every time.

Adaptive Game Mechanics and Difficulty System

5 difficulties fine-tuned for casual and competitive gameplay, whether you enjoy monster smashing, score chasing, speed running, or treasure hunting.

Online Multiplayer Arena Deathmatch PvP Modes

Fight for survival against your former friends in team deathmatch, free for all, and king of the hill.

Giant boss fights of epic proportions

Large scale boss fights with multiple phases and unique challenges for each. Difficult levels will also influence the boss arena.

Over 40 Hand-Crafted Campaign Levels Over Multiple Worlds

Each level is carefully designed for maximum arcade excitement, with creative level design exploring a different focus for each level.

Acquire achievements to unlock player and weapon skins

Loaded with many obvious and some not so obvious achievements to unlock, with some even granting rare gameplay bonuses.

Easy Level editor to create levels to share with the world

The level editor will be an easy click and drag interface to allow anyone to just jump in and build a devious level in a short time.